Celtic FC Timternet Roundup: A Summary of the Latest News and Updates - August 15, 2023

Matt O'Riley

Celtic FC fans, gather 'round! It's time to catch up on all the latest happenings at the club.

First and foremost, let's talk about the victory over Aberdeen at Pittodrie. Goals from Liel Abada, Kyogo, and Matt O'Riley secured a 3-1 win, and Brendan Rodgers was thrilled with the result. The pitch was long, the passing slow, but the players coped well, and it's a great early win for the team.

Now, onto the transfer rumours. There's chatter about Ryan Fraser, and a £3m deal for Gustaf. But remember, these are just rumours, and we should take them with a pinch of salt until they're on the official Celtic site.

In more concrete news, 13 young players have signed their first professional contract with Celtic. It's a proud moment for the club and the players, and we all wish them the best.

On the women's side, Kit Loferski had a fantastic start to the season, scoring four goals in a 9-0 win over Montrose. Talk about kicking off the season in style!

And let's not forget the wage of Alexandro Bernabei being made public. It's always a bit controversial when these details come out, but it's part and parcel of modern football.

Now, let's talk about spending big money in France. Again, these are just rumours, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. But it's always exciting to think about the possibilities.

And last but not least, there's talk about Celtic wanting to sign a 29-year-old Tottenham starEric Dier. Ange Postecoglou has said the player was in his Tottenham plans, but again, let's remember that until it's on the official site, it's all just speculation.

So there you have it, a quick roundup of what's happening at Celtic FC. From transfer rumours to exciting young talents, it's never a dull moment at the club. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and as always, keep the faith!