• Celtic FC's Enchanted Number: Celebrating the Legacy of 67 on the Club's Birthday

    Dive into the mystique of Celtic Football Club's storied number 67 on its birthday. Discover how this number weaves through the club's history, from its founding at 67 East Rose Street to the legendary European Cup victory in 1967. Join us in honoring a symbol that encapsulates the soul and spirit of Celtic FC.
  • Are Match Officials Doing Enough to Protect Players from Head Injuries? A Look at events in the Lazio game

    Recent incidents in Scottish football, including the Celtic vs. Lazio match, raise serious questions about the role of match officials in player safety. Are they doing enough to prevent head injuries, especially in light of new research linking them to dementia? Read on to find out.
  • The Urgent Need for Transparency in Scottish Football

    Explore why the introduction of transparent officiating reports could be a game-changer for Scottish football. Learn how it could end accusations of bias and bring credibility back to the game.

  • Anthony Ralston Pens New Contract: A Fairy Tale Journey with Celtic Continues

    Celtic's own Anthony Ralston signs a new four-year deal, solidifying his place in the squad and continuing his dream run with the club he's loved since childhood. Discover how 'The Brickie' became a mainstay in the Celtic line-up.
  • The Unsung Heroes of Celtic FC: How John Glass and Fergus McCann Shaped the Club's Destiny

    John Glass and Fergus McCann: Two visionaries separated by time but united in impact. Explore how these two figures drew strikingly similar paths in shaping Celtic FC's legacy. Are they the architects of Celtic's modern-day domination? Click to read the compelling comparison.
  • Is It Time for Celtic FC to Get Streetwise in Europe? The Debate on Influencing Referees

    Explore the growing debate on whether Celtic FC should adapt a more streetwise approach in European matches. From missed penalty calls to influencing referees, find out if the club needs to change its tactics or stick to Jock Stein's timeless wisdom: 'If you're good enough, the referee shouldn't matter.'
  • The Sliding Doors of Fate: How Liam Scales Went from Near Exit to Celtic's Key Man

    Explore the incredible journey of Liam Scales, who went from being on the brink of a permanent transfer away from Celtic to becoming a key figure in their defence. Discover how fate and opportunity have shaped his career.
  • Michael Beale’s VAR Comments: What Did He Really Mean?

    Michael Beale’s comments on a disallowed goal due to VAR against Celtic. From questioning officials' competence to potentially hinting at bias, we delve into the controversial implications for the sport's integrity  
  • Will Nat Phillips Make His Celtic Debut Against Dundee FC? A Look at the New Signing's Journey and Upcoming Challenges

    Nat Phillips could make his much-anticipated Celtic debut this weekend against Dundee FC. As Champions League matches loom, the new signing is 'rearing to go.' Find out how he's settling in and what this could mean for Celtic's season ahead.
  • The Battle of Wits: How Jock Stein and Helenio Herrera's Mind Games Changed Football

    Explore the legendary rivalry between football managers Jock Stein and Helenio Herrera. From tactical innovations to psychological warfare, discover how their intellectual duel shaped the game and left a lasting impact on football history.
  • The VAR Decision in the Glasgow Derby: A Textbook Case of "Clear and Obvious Error

    Unpacking the VAR decision that disallowed Rangers' goal in the Glasgow derby. How the "clear and obvious error" guideline was correctly applied, and why this incident serves as a textbook example.

  • Celtic's Under-Strength Triumph at Ibrox Sends Strong Title Message

    In a match that could be a turning point in the Scottish Premiership title race, an under-strength Celtic side outclassed Rangers at Ibrox. The new centre-half pairing of Lagerbielke and Scales stood strong, keeping a clean sheet and raising questions about Rangers' title aspirations.