Will Nat Phillips Make His Celtic Debut Against Dundee FC? A Look at the New Signing's Journey and Upcoming Challenges

The anticipation is building at Celtic Park as fans eagerly await this weekend's clash against Dundee FC. All eyes are on Nat Phillips, Celtic's new signing, who has yet to make his official debut for the club. The question on everyone's lips is: Will Phillips finally step onto the hallowed turf of Celtic Park this weekend?

Phillips' journey since joining Celtic has been a whirlwind of emotions, from the excitement of signing the contract to the anticipation of making his debut. He has settled well into the squad, praising the camaraderie among the players and staff. "The lads have been great with me, the staff's been great with me," Phillips said in his pre match press conference, reflecting on his first few weeks at the club. "I've moved into a flat now, so it's all been very smooth."

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His first experience as a Celtic player was watching from the sidelines as the team secured a significant victory against their Glasgow rivals. "I think the lads dug in well. It was tough at the end, but the lads showed that when their backs are against the wall, they can dig in," he observed. This win wasn't just another match; it was a taste of what's to come. "I was already really excited about it before that game, but it certainly gave me a taste of what it's all about," he added.

Back at the training ground, the mood has been focused. "We didn't dwell on the big win for too long. Once we were back in, it was back to training, back to working hard and working towards the next games coming up," he said. Given the current injury situation in the squad, Phillips sees an opportunity to carve out his role. "There's a lot of injuries, and there is a hole there that hopefully I can fill," he mentioned.

It might be harsh on Liam Scales or Lagerbielke to start Phillips, especially given their commendable performance against Rangers. However, with the Champions League approaching, it's crucial that Phillips gets game time to get up to speed.

The prospect of Champions League football is also on Phillips' mind, adding another layer of excitement to his Celtic journey. "Champions League is probably the pinnacle of football for a lot of players," he said, his eyes lighting up at the thought. "I've loved every time that I have been out on the pitch in the Champions League."

As Celtic prepare to face Dundee FC, the stage seems set for Phillips to make his debut. His early experiences at the club suggest that he's more than ready to take on the challenge. From the warmth of the dressing room to the roar of the crowd, he's found a home where he can not only showcase his talent but also chase his dreams. And as he puts it, he's "rearing to go," a sentiment that will surely resonate with the fans and the club alike.

So, will Nat Phillips make his Celtic debut this weekend? Given his enthusiasm, readiness, and the team's current needs, it would be surprising if he doesn't. One thing is certain: when he does step onto the pitch, it will be a moment to remember, both for him and the Celtic faithful.

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