• Declares He's 'Ready to Perform'. Has Celtic Concluded a Busy Transfer Window

    Celtic's latest signing, Paulo Bernardo, is eager to make an impact as he joins a revamped squad. With a host of new arrivals and the Glasgow derby looming, the young midfielder's readiness could be a game-changer for the Hoops.

  • Celtic’s Final Transfer Day: A Summer of Signings Culminates in a Crucial Final Hours

    Celtic are set for a dramatic close to a busy transfer window. With multiple signings already in the bag and the potential for more, how will the final hours shape Celtic’s season?
  • Nat Phillips to Celtic: A Game-Changer in a Critical Week for the Hoops

    Celtic are reportedly close to securing a loan deal for Liverpool centre-back Nat Phillips. The move comes at a crucial time for the Hoops, who are dealing with multiple injuries and have a Glasgow derby looming. Phillips' experience and aerial ability could be invaluable for Celtic in the coming weeks.
  • Luis Palma Signs for Celtic: Rangers' Champions League Exit Funds New Arrival

    Celtic have officially signed Honduran international Luis Palma on a five-year contract. The move is timely, coming on the heels of Rangers' Champions League exit, which has provided Celtic with additional revenue. Palma's arrival is expected to bolster Celtic's attacking options and add depth to the squad.
  • The Bertie Auld Collection Goes Under the Hammer - A Treasure Trove of Football History

    Dive into the life and legacy of Celtic legend Bertie Auld through a once-in-a-lifetime auction of his personal collection. Own a piece of football history today.
  • Celtic's New Signing Luis Palma?: What Aris Coach Apostolos Terzis Had to Say

    Aris coach Apostolos Terzis confirms Luis Palma's move to Celtic, highlighting the Honduran's significant contributions and wishing him well in Scotland. Find out what this means for Celtic's upcoming season.
  • Critical Week Ahead for Brendan Rodgers and Celtic: Transfer Window and Glasgow Derby Loom

    As the transfer window nears its end and a crucial match against Rangers approaches, Brendan Rodgers and Celtic face a defining week. Will they rise to the occasion?
  • Celtic vs St Johnstone: Hoops Eye Premiership Rebound

    Celtic aim to recover from their League Cup exit as they host a struggling St Johnstone side in the Scottish Premiership. Team news, injuries, and more.
  • Luis Palma: Celtic's Rumored Target Shines in Greece - A Look at the Honduran Star

    Explore the rise of Luis Palma, the Honduran footballer making headlines in Greece with Aris Salónica. With a rumored move to Celtic on the horizon, discover how Palma's performances and potential make him a strong candidate to replace Jota in the Scottish club's lineup.
  • Celtic's Greg Taylor Incident: VAR's Silence Raises Questions on Player Safety

    Explore the controversial incident involving Celtic's Greg Taylor and the lack of action by VAR. Delve into the questions raised about player safety, concussion protocols, and the surprising silence from officials and media. A critical look at a moment that demands answers.
  • Jota's Journey: From Celtic Stardom to Al-Ittihad's Unexpected Exit

    Explore Jota's remarkable journey, from his rise at Celtic to his record move to Al-Ittihad and his sudden departure. Delve into his impact, the unanswered questions, and the speculation about his future. A captivating tale of talent, triumph, and sudden twists.
  • Celtic's Pursuit of Excellence: Jock Stein's Wisdom and the Debate on Fair Officiating

    Exploring Jock Stein's timeless statement, 'If you're good enough, the referee doesn't matter,' this article delves into Celtic's pursuit of excellence and the ongoing debate on fair officiating. Why should Celtic have to be so good that refereeing errors don't matter? Discover the balance between self-reliance and the call for fairness in the modern game.